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A group of like-minded political figures and groups, academics, and activists that are united by the urgent need to articulate and build consensus around one overriding Somali political cause!

The Platform

Standing for a Cause

Founders and members of the Congress for Somali Cause have been part of the long struggle to advance and organize the Somali people for many years towards a more united, democratic, and prosperous region.

United by A Common Cause

The Congress for Somali Cause knows the value of being united by a common cause. That’s why we have launched this organization. Help us realize this goal!

Get Involved

Congress for Somali Cause can’t realize the lofty goal of not only articulating a common Somali cause but advancing the Somali people’s aspiration for freedom, self-determination, democracy, and economic development without your help. Organizing, word-of-mouth, and donating are all ways you can help us achieve this.

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